Seafood Lover’s Florida by Bruce Hunt, from Globe Pequot Press (an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield), is a guidebook to Florida’s best seafood restaurants and markets, with insightful sidebars and interviews, plus recipes and tips.

Excerpt from Seafood Lover’s Florida Introduction:
In Seafood Lover’s Florida we will take a journey to seek out and sample the vast variety of choices in Florida’s most iconic category of foods, in some of its most iconic places. It’s a journey that begins at the state’s far northwest edge and meanders all the way down to its southernmost tip. This book is not just about seafood, but also about seafood “places”. For me, the place: the location, ambiance, and history, is almost as important as the food. Notice I said “almost”, because food always trumps atmosphere. If the food’s no good, all the atmosphere in the world won’t save it.